Connected parking fence for disabled

02/03/2016 romain

Connected parking fence for disabled

Black and White underground parking
I try to look at technology as a way to overcome issues of everyday life. These issues could be insignificant (connecting the AC to my agenda to make sure it never runs when I ‘m away) or eloquent (developing an alternative path to make donation using ATM self-service technologies – Coins Cause Change C3).

The problem – no respect for disabled parking place

Today I decided to find a way to enforce respect of drivers towards disabled parking. A way to make sure once for good that only disabled people could park on these reserved spots.
I am not handicapped in any ways nor do I know someone who is but I am irritated by people using those parking spots. I witnessed this issue across the 30+ countries I travelled to.
I believed we reached a time where technology is affordable and allows us to reduce the lack of respect or empathy towards disabled people.
Signages in airport

Signages in airport

The idea – building a smart gate

The idea suggested is a connected floor gate system powered by solar panel installed on disabled parking places.
When applying for parking permit, the disabled driver will receive a set of RFID stickers to put on the car bumpers.

When the vehicle approaches the gate, if the disabled permit is valid, the floor gate will lower and allow the vehicle to park on the spot.
In addition, we could build a mobile app to allow disabled drivers to know where a parking spot is available.
If all the ingredients are executed well, the end product could be the perfect fit for a smart city.
Man with an iPhone

Man with an iPhone




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Romain Tordo is an Infrastructure Architect and Cybersecurity Expert. He founded his IT consultancy firm in Dubai. Romain has 13 years experience as CIO and CTO for two multinationals. Prior to that, he was Head of R&D for a startup in France. Romain works closely with several non-profit organization as mentor, advisor or founder – Emirates Foundation, Jusoor Syria and Coins Cause Change More information about his firm can be found on or his profile on