Jusoor – Bring opportunities to Syrian students

18/08/2015 romain

Jusoor – Bring opportunities to Syrian students

Jusoor - NGO for Syrian refugee children

Jusoor is an NGO of Syrian expatriates supporting the country’s development and helping Syrian youth realize their potential through various programs and initiatives in the fields of Education, Career, and Global Community Engagement. http://jusoorsyria.com

We had the chance to meet one of Jusoor co-founders Aziza Osman (http://www.azizaosman.com) earlier this year and we since tried to find ways to work together bring technology into education.

Jusoor is making a tremendous change in lives of Syrian refugee’s children by giving them a future through education. During the past four years, Jusoor and its sponsors have built 3 schools and enrolled 2,000 students. In addition, Jusoor offers around 150 university scholarships annually.

Jusoor students

Jusoor students

By providing quality education, Jusoor is making a difference in the lives of Syrian children, who will now have a chance at a better future and greater opportunities. We wanted to help Jusoor in their positive action and close the gap between the end of the education cycle and the beginning of the active professional life. Together we designed a platform – Jusoor Connect – that aims to connect international job opportunities to Syrian youth.

Juror Connect Syrian students

These opportunities are multiple, remote work, internships, part time and full time. To set itself apart from traditional freelance websites, Jusoor will be responsible to ensure the authenticity of the candidate’s skill set. In addition, Jusoor will place itself as the financial gateway to ensure that companies looking to hire through the platform, can receive appropriate invoices.

Jusoor will then either pay the candidates directly or add the money to an educational fund or professional training course

jusoor syria

Jusoor students

We are very happy to have been part of an impactful project that will potentially change the lives of many young talented Syrians, and will stay close to Jusoor Connect and Jusoor.


Launch year

4 weeks

Jusoor Syria


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