Internet of Things

Fyringssameiet Øvre Slettheia (FOS) is a building facilities management company based in Norway specialized in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) management and support.

FOS contacted us to modernize their infrastructure. We started a paperless initiative to help them reducing the amount of workforce required to process paper based information.

Taylor made CRM

We analyzed their business requirements and implemented a CRM (Salesforce). Together with FOS management team, we tailor made the CRM to there specific need:

  • Tablet compatible web interface
  • Ipad and Android application for on the go data entry
  • Automatic reports
  • Metric data export compatible with invoicing solution
  • Behavior analytics workflow to identify non consistent data entry

Then we decided to overcome the shortcomings of their internal collaboration tools

In addition, FOS management team wanted us to redesign their website and implement a client portal to provide self-services. Using a WordPress CMS, we implemented a client portal that offer real time information from Salesforce custom built invoicing and business intelligence to the end user.

Internet of things – IoT

The next phase of the project (scheduled for second quarter of 2015) is to deploy wireless heating monitoring devices which we designed. This devices will allow FOS to retrieve in real-time the energy consumed by each tenant throughout the year. In addition, we will create a 3D map of the buildings and overlay the energy consumption to highlight waste of energy.

This information will be used during the design of future building upgrade in order to increase isolation and create a more efficient building.



7 weeks

Salesforce CRM
Custom connected meters – Internet of things
Custom made ipad client app

Oslo, Norway